People exercise for a reason.

Are your wearable devices and apps helping them achieve their goals?

The winners in fitness wearables will be those that go beyond data to provide completely personalized advice: What to do right now, tomorrow, and next week to get closer to their goals.

See how the ARDA AI Coaching Platform can take your fitness app or device to another level.

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Pioneering wearables for training since 1987

Since 1987, Performance Lab has pioneered the use of wearable sensors in the areas of exercise and training. Today, Performance Lab is a developer of proprietary algorithms and software platforms for fitness and health applications.

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AI and Machine Learning for Exercise

All of a sudden it’s trendy rather than scary to talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning. So in this post I’ll explain how delivering …

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“Performance Lab’s ARDA product suite provides the next generation of intelligence for exercise and activity applications.”

Deepak Natarajan, Investment Director, Intel Capital

Software is becoming the wearable kingmaker

One of my favorite software innovations is the mouse. Nope, it’s not much of a hardware innovation. Devising a user interface and user experience that …

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It’s a jungle out there

A lot of fitness wearable ventures are currently focused on delivering what I like to call ‘lab tests in the wild’. That is, they want …

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The ‘Intelligence Revolution’

For the thousand-odd years that physiology has been studied, measurement techniques have lagged behind our ability to analyse the results. we have always had theories, but lacked ways to test them.

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