“Every day runners of all skill levels, ask themselves whether they’re working hard enough on a run, whether they’re pushing too hard, or giving their bodies enough time to recover. Podium says its Apple Watch app provides these meaningful real-time and goal-oriented coaching insights on a device millions of people are already wearing.”

Our new coaching app for runners is now live in the app store. Find out more here.

“Oakley’s Radar Pace arrives at an interesting time for the category. It’s also one of the most impressive hearable devices we’ve used, in regards to both its artificial intelligence and its abilities as a fitness coach.”

“Together with the Oakley sunglasses, the system acts as a real-time trainer, answering your questions about your current stats and also encouraging you to adjust when it thinks you’re not achieving your workout goals.”

“ARDA believe they are leading the way in wearable fitness technology, and are developing software ‘engines’ that will deliver intelligent and adaptable fitness coaching.”

“Fitness wearables are not reaching the right users – but they could.”

Wearable Tech Expo 2015
Interview with Performance Lab Co-Founder, Kerri McMaster

Wearable Tech World
“By adding safe amounts of distance and resistance into a walk schedule – along with mandatory rest days – walkers fairly rapidly reach a magical milestone.”

New Zealand Herald
“Ten New Zealand-based wearable tech innovations making their mark, including Performance Lab.”

Medical Design Technology
“Performance Lab has been gathering data on physical exercise for 20 years in order to create the ARDA Coaching Engine. In the same way that a car can operate without a driver, a coaching system can operate without a coach.”

“Performance Lab isn’t the only company out there that’s trying to make sense of the data. However, it’s the only one that’s willing to go unnoticed as a licensed technology, while the wearable makers of the world take the credit.”

Wearable Tech News
“This is the kind of thing that might well make the difference between sticking with a workout and just letting it go.”

IT Pro Portal
“What if there was a system which intelligently interpreted all this data, and then relayed advice to the user, acting as a kind of AI personal trainer?”

PC Mag
“Imagine a fitness band that doesn’t just count your steps and measure your heart rate, but also offers personalized coaching and encouragement—only with added abilities to analyze terrain, judge signs of muscle fatigue, and more.”

“The company is now partnering with sports wearable makers to turn your personal tracker into a personal trainer.”

Venture Beat
“There’s no shortage of apps and devices that generate numeric data but stop there. We need technology that interprets it all, but, so far, the attempts we’ve seen to do that have been clunky. New Zealand-based Performance Lab [has] unveiled its answer to the problem.”


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