Digital coaching is in dire need of two things


ARDA is a software development kit that allows AI coaching features to be implemented on board your fitness hardware or application.

ARDA enables you to provide timely, relevant, and trustworthy advice for…


• Accelerometer • Barometer + GPS + Heart rate monitor + More...


• Accelerometer • Barometer + GPS + Heart rate monitor + More...


+ Cadence sensor + Speed sensor + Power meter + More...

Coaching can be provided via audio, visual, or haptic feedback.

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  ARDA Coaching Logic
  • Real-time technique correction
  • Real-time Strategy/effort correction
  • Cardio/muscular fatigue detection and performance improvement
  • Machine-learned, individual training zones for pace, power, heart rate
  • Zone training reps and compliance
  • Hill training reps and compliance
  • Key training metrics, indexed against distance or time
  ARDA Plan Engine
  • Physiologically-sound training programs tailored to experience level, schedule, program length and current fitness
  • Options for all popular events
  • Options for long fitness, short fitness, weight loss, and stress relief
  ARDA Memory Logic
  • Advanced coaching AI based on in-workout behaviour memory
  • Advanced coaching AI using between workout behavior memory
  • Scorecard of progress against physiological and technique criteria
  • Individualized rep coaching based on scorecard and personal/plan goals
  ARDA Adaptive Planner

Support for natural language interactions between Planner and user covering:

  • Annual training plan and multi-event plans
  • Revised programs in response to missing a week of training
  • Revised programs in response to reorganising of workouts within a week
  • Factoring in the addition of non run/walk/cycle activities
  • Discussion of training principles and key success factors for a workout in light of position in a program and any missed workouts

All of your customers
have goals.

Use ARDA in your apps and devices to get them there.