Not going it alone

I had an enjoyable chat with Wareable’s James Stables in the UK the other day. James is as tapped in as anyone to what is happening in wearables, so his perspective was interesting. He said that our focus on making sense of data was on the roadmaps of several companies, but he wasn’t aware of others taking a B2B approach to the market. In short, they’re going it alone.

To me, our partnership approach is clearly the right one. Although we feel we have the world’s leading coaching algorithms for wearables, we can’t be the best in the world at everything. New sensor technologies are coming out all the time, as are new wearable form factors. There are established fitness communities we shouldn’t try to replicate. And there are domain experts in areas like nutrition and niche sports that we are excited to collaborate with.

I’d rather work with these specialists to create incredible customer experiences together, rather than keep it all to myself and miss that opportunity.