A trainer for training

When my lifting friend grabbed her first weights, she put herself through the ringer in order to see quick results.

She killed form for heavy weights. She ignored routine to see her body grow and tone. But after a month, she saw no change. Even worse, she found that her knees really hurt when she squatted. Injury and flat performance would make any lifter turn to a mentor – someone that would get to know her body type, diet and lifting technique personally. She needed a trainer.

“Knees out, back straight, and mind on the muscle.” The first bid of tailored advice was offered and tentatively bought. I watched my friend motivated and struggling to change her posture but looking structurally stronger.

Then a more radical piece of advice was sold: “10kg lighter!”

After a while, you can’t tell for yourself. You have to trust the trainer who might even suggest 10kgs lighter to help you save your form. After two weeks of lifting lighter, my friend stepped back on the scales and saw four pounds of weight gain with the added rewards of no knee strain. Trust was built, and thereby a foundation laid down for further performance improvement. She immediately called her trainer to tell him the news.

That’s the sort of trust and experience our team is looking to bottle more of each day in our product.