Why are we doing this?

For more than 20 years Performance Lab worked face-to-face and side-by-side with clients who wanted to change their lives through exercise, or achieve their fitness and competitive goals. There was never any doubt about why my team came in to work in the morning: it was to make a difference in those people’s lives.

We know how to do that, and we’ve learned how to use data to inform that process. A few years ago we saw that a moment in time had arrived where it was possible to scale this process. The specialist sensors we had been using were becoming commoditized and ubiquitous. Remote exercise coaching on a mass scale had become possible.

We want nothing less than to change the trajectory of people’s physical lives. To do this, data and numbers are not enough. Motivation and social pressure is not enough. Meaningful and trustworthy advice delivered at exactly the right time is what is needed, and is what we are making possible. That’s because timely and relevant advice improves performance, which leads to success. And it turns out that success is the best motivation of all.